Yacht reservation website

Jacht.com.pl is a website which is helpful in yachts reservation. It allows the user to choose any offer of reservation. The website offers yachts mainly in Mazuria and  enables the shipowners to manage their vessels, reservations and finance. What is more, it makes the job easier by  creating new reservations, generating contracts as well as sending them via e-mail and giving an opportunity to make payments on-line (DotPay). Jacht.com.pl is also a web service, which generates the graphics of yachts service in harbours and it is possible to link it with the shipowner’s website. Being noticed by the European Union, the website has been subsidized from the European Regional Developement Fund as part of Regional Operation Programme Warmia and Mazury for the years 2007 – 2013.


The website has been developed to enable users to publish charter offers as well as searching, browsing and reserving any yacht they want.

  • user registration
  • reservation, offer browsing
  • shipowner – managing his offers
  • administrator – managing shipowners
  • technologies – i.a. PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

User layer

  • unlogged user – searching and browsing yachts reservation offers
  • logged user – searching, browsing yachts reservation offers and date reservation along with making payments via DotPay
  • shipowner – managing yachts, price lists, schedules, finance. Everything connected with clients and payments for chartering
  • administrator – system maintenance, administering shipowners and other aspects which are not user’s or shipowner’s responsibility

System layer

The following technologies were used to develop the website:

  • PHP – CodeIgniter
  • JavaScript – JQuery
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • MySQL

How it works:

In order to use more advanced options the user should log in first. Then they would be able to find the reservation date, yacht type which they would like to charter, a place to go and much more criteria. After making choice the user is being transferred to the DotPay sytem, which can be used to make payment for a particular reservation. Subsequently, having paid the client is being redirected back to the website and simultaneously receiving an e-mail about payment confirmation and a contract of chartering. A shipowner is being informed about yacht reservation via e-mail as well as text massage. After logging on to the control panel they can take a look at the reservation details and manage them freely.

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