Software development

The CodeConcept team has a long practice at designing and implementing PC applications, custom drivers and libraries. The applications we create stand out as ergonomic, esthetic and reliable. Professionally designed, they have the scope for modification or the increase of their functionality.

Data processing and analyzing applications

A characteristic feature of applications which process and analyze large amounts of data is both the ability to implement advanced algorithms and the methodology of verifying their correctness. Our long practice in creating projects of this kind guarantees that the order is professionally fulfilled in the shortest time required.

Selected reralizations

Hearing Screening

Clinical audiology system

ASSRs – Auditory Steady-State Evoked Responses

POS – Point of Sale

GPS based, bus tracks analyzer

Content Aware Routing Monitor

Power Quality Assessment System

Database applications

Most modern applications require the collecting and storing of data. Thanks to our experience in creating this kind of software we are able to design adequate user’s interface, affording easy input and a clear presentation of the collected data.We know how to select a right database server that fits the project requirements and how to design a database in an optimum way. We also offer solutions to synchronize data between different systems.

Selected realizations

Comprehensive OHC System

Database module for medical applications

Data warehouse for centralized back office ticketing system

Client-server applications

With the Internet permeating our everyday lives, client-server applications are becoming increasingly popular. We have skills allowing us to realize a quick server and a client application with user-friendly interface. Being aware of the risks posed by the Internet transmission of data, we create applications which ensure safe and fast data transmission.

Selected realizations

Project Management System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom device drivers

Another strength of CodeConcept’s team is their experience in designing and implementing drivers which give access to specialized devices delivered by customers. We have worked with diverse equipment and are able to read technical documents and analyse communications at many levels, including equipment sniffing (monitoring).

Selected realizations

Hearing Screening

Clinical audiology system

Auditory Steady-State Evoked Responses

Bus Ticketing Systems

Train Ticketing Systems

Power Quality Assessment System

ASIC based communicator for measurement systems

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