Our offer involves the wide range of subjects on the field of software/firmware development. Due to customers’ needs and software requirements we could participate in the whole project life cycle as well as in any stage of development or maintenance. We also provide services when the project is completed such as: project monitoring, maintaining the system, and extending a project to adjust it to new requirements.


Customer’s requirements and needs analysis.


Creating necessary documentation: requirements specification, technical documentation etc.


Completing full-cycle projects from beginning to end.


Developing existing software by adding new and updating old functions.


Software migration to more modern program environment (using new technologies).


Existing software maintenance, i.e. removing errors, functional training.


Adapting a project to work with many language versions as well as adding new language versions (including making translations).


Efficiency tuning.


Software testing.


Hardware design.

Project life cycle

Complying with our clients’ requirements and the individuality of their work, we ensure the realization of the full cycle of project development. Here is our model project life cycle that we normally use:

  • Specification – preparing documents which specify the client’s requirements.
  • Design – providing system design (components, technologies and data flows) and software design description.
  • Development– module coding and testing.
  • Q/A – integrating and testing the whole system.
  • Launch – providing and activating complete system.

We certainly appreciate the fact that, over the years of their experience in the business, our clients may have developed their own work model. Consequently, we always seek to comply with their requirements to ensure the friendliest possible cooperation.

Detailed scope

Our offer in particular areas includes:

Software development



Post-project services

Hardware design

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