Step by step

I would like to outsource the systems integration/system development (add new moduls)

An advance estimation of integrating systems, and adding new modules to existing system is often difficult if one is not fully acquainted with the system itself and its scope for enlargement, data exchange, source code clarity etc.
Below you will find Step by Step how this process looks:

  1. In the first step you have to think what kind of system you would like to develop:
    • Which systems you want to integrate
    • What elements you would like to add and what functionality they should have
    • How quickly the project should be completed
    • Which specialists should work on it.
  2. Then describe what you want to do and what are the project goals.
  3. And now contact CodeConcept via email or telephone. We will discuss the issue and decide about next steps. However to send you a final estimation most probably such steps will need to be taken
  4. In the first step we have to become familiar with the existing systems – how they are built and how they support data exchange and inter module cooperation processes. This is why we start our cooperation in Time & Materials model.
  5. In the next step the requirement specification has to be created – the description of the project with its all functionalities.
  6. Then the technical specification has to be created – that is ways of data exchange between external systems.
  7. And the last step in this process is the system estimation which is based on requirements and technical specification.

The chart below presents Step by Step each activity which need to be taken when planning the systems integration.<strong> Please click on the chart and the window with a short description of each step opens.</strong>

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