Range of services

Web applications

We develop complex Internet applications based on existing or newly created components. We design their internal architecture, based on reliable, highly efficient algorithms working in a safe and fault-free manner. The solutions we choose are flexible enough to permit potential development of the system in the future. We deal with expanding, adjusting, and optimizing existing solutions.

Content management system - Web 2.0

We design and develop highly efficient data management systems.

Web services

We design and develop distributed solutions which characterize scalability, efficiency, safety and allow exchanging information between different platforms. We augment existing systems by new functionalities & extend them by adding an ability to work with mobile devices.

ActiveX / Applets

We create components able to perform complex and non-standard tasks, fitting and integrating them with existing web systems.

Web portals

We design graphically advanced internet projects, implementing them in a form acceptable by a broad range of web browsers. Optimizing web sites in terms of their accessibility to browsers. Promoting web sites.

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