Mobile devices


Hearing Screening System

Hearing screening system consisting of set of Pocket PC modules (working under Windows Mobile OS control) and DSP device. EEG collection/averaging is performed on DSP device, data analysis, reports generation and storing results in done on Pocket PC site. Pocket PC – DSP communication realized by RS232.

Remote access to HIS (Hospital Information System) data

Application allowing remote access and manipulations on data stored in HIS (Hospital Information system). Data is available from any place being in range of GSM network or local WiFi access point. The system is dedicated for mobile phones, Smartphones and PDAs.


Misc tools

Digital database of recipes and drinks including advances ingredients’ editor, support for substitutes, shopping lists generation and querying for available recipes based upon refrigeration’s contents.


Sudoku for Symbian OS.

Sudoku for Android OS.

Software & hardware components & developer for complex mobile systems

Pocket PC – DSP Integrated Platform

Designing and developing modular hardware solution, dedicated for signal processing systems, utilizing both PDA and DSP platforms to achieve multiplatform synergy. DSP is responsible for performing pure data (signal) processing related functionalities only. All other functionalities are realized by Pocket PC. Modular design results in easy upgrade of each subsystem, independency of Pocket PC and DSP vendors and models, quick, low cost new technologies adoption (utilizing existing and future advanced graphical user interfaces only by updating the version of the Win CE operating system). PDA – DSP communication realized by SPI.

Creating low level Windows CE (Mobile) SPI drivers.

Preparing BSP including kernel adjusted to the platform needs and drivers for custom hardware (SPI interface).


  • Windows CE / Windows Mobile,
  • Android,
  • Symbian (S60, UIQ)

Programming languages

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java

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