Consulting & Trainings

Several factors lead to gaining advantage over one’s business rivals, among them the adequate choice of tools, the forming of procedures and processes of managing information, as well as proper design, implementation, and utilization of IT systems. We offer that advantage to our customers by helping them make the right choices.

Consulting for the IT managing staff

System architecture

We develop existing ones and design new solutions in information and technological architecture of an institution or a firm, so that current and future requirements are addressed.

Defining in strategy

We formulate relations between real processes in the organization and IT tools and procedures.

Managing IT resorces

We analyze processes, human resources, and existing IT tools in order to ensure their highest efficiency.

IT transformation

We support processes leading to changing the IT systems of an organization; we also offer management in periods of transition and resistance reduction.

Outsourcing IT

We examine the profitability of outsourced IT services vs. realized by internal resources. We help select partners and negotiate contracts.

IT systems assessment

We assess software, hardware, and the procedures which have been, or are being realized for an institution or a firm. We also provide outside supervision of software creation process, and assess business partners.

Consulting for the administrative staff


We prepare strategic documentation on ICT, on financial and economic analyses and we examine socioeconomic results in these fields.

Information society

We counsel on providing comprehensive IT services for the civil service and on the development of information society.

Feasibility studies

We conduct feasibility studies, or extended kind of business plan, seriously reducing investment risk, for projects in a broadly understood field of information management.

Fund acquisition

We counsel on fund raising from both local and EU sources to complete IT projects, and we prepare application documents.

Project balance sheets

We count up projects financed from support programmers by writing and submitting balance sheet documentation.

Project management

Project engineer

We take over full responsibility for managing a project carried out by, or for an organization by its partners. It includes defining the scope and goals of a project, its budget, cost monitoring, preparing a project schedule, work supervision, quality tests, completion and payment.


The service is available at every stage of a project; also planning, scheduling, performing and supervising tasks, risk management, valuation and payment.


We design and put into service the infrastructure of a project management, which includes the circulation and storage of information (documentation), the designers’ office, and IT tools facilitating the project management.

Surrounding issues

We help in selecting collaborators who will carry out the project; preparation of a tender or a contract together with negotiating its terms; supervising the work on the project, valuation and approval.


Feasibility Analysis, Cost-benefit Analysis, Risk Analysis.


Tender procedures

Consultations on preparing and applying tender procedures for projects concerning ICT tools and technologies in their broad meaning.


Help in specifying significant terms of an order.


Support in verification and evaluation of offers put in by tender participants.



We hold training in the subjects within our sphere of activity

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