The FAQs regard issues which are unclear, difficult or too vague. We are aware that for many people programming services is an arcane and a bit mysterious area. Still, we think that everything can be explained clearly and accessible way.

We hope our answers will dispel your doubts about all difficult issues. Below you may finds some questions and answers, there is also a wider explanation of some subjects in Experience/Knowledge Base.

  1. What is your foreign markets strategy?

    Our foreign markets strategy includes developing distribution/communication channels by setting new agents. Our key markets are UK, US and Middle East; what is connected with experience being possessed by the company.

  2. Is software development the only one CodeConcept activity?

    In parallel to R&D activities (custom software development) we are a partner and an agent of UHC Sp. z o.o. UHC is one of the largest Polish vendors of integrated systems for health care – HIS, RIS and PACS class. The scope of this cooperation includes preparing demands analysis for hospitals, system designs, integration plans, implementations and training.

  3. What are your payment models?

    We work either for Fixed-Price projects, or on Time & Materials manner. For short-term committed customers, we also provide On site development.

  4. How do you assure confidentiality?

    We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you. Additionally, for sensitive projects, we create isolated cells disconnected from any public network. Internet uploads larger than a threshold need authorization.

  5. We want to create software – how to start cooperation? What information and documents are needed?

    The best way is to start with phoning us and we will lead you on. One thing, however, the more information you have about your system, the better; ideally you should have the full requirement specification ready. Cost and time estimation of a project is a complex and time-consuming process. In order to make such estimation we need to know what exactly you are trying to achieve. Please remember that what is obvious for you: knowing well your branch, your environment and your business, may not be so obvious for us. What you mean by ‘business management system’ may not be so unambiguous for us. From our perspective, there are as many ‘business management systems’ as there are businesses. Each looks different and meets different requirements.

  6. What does IT project estimation look like (Web application, PC software or firmware solution)?

    Once we know exactly what all the requirement are and we have a general idea how the system should operate and what needs it should meet we divide the project into smaller elements/tasks down to the smallest possible parts we are able to estimate. Rather than general tables of time estimation we use our own models which are more adequate as they reflect the real time our team needs to complete a task. It is impossible to propose a price of a project in the time as brief as one hour. The process of estimation is time-consuming but it is the only way to work out how much time is needed to complete a project and consequently what the cost of work will be. It should also be remembered that the details of the project are vital and can have significant impact on the price of a project, usually increasing it considerably. This is why it is good to have a detailed requirement specification prepared in advance, as it is the only basis for reliable cost estimation. For further information please look at the Outsourcing/Step by Step section.

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