Step by step

I would like to outsource the creation of a system from scratch, I do not have requirement specification

Creating a product from scratch without requirement specification is virtually impossible. However, we will eagerly help you out. All you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Think what kind of system you would like to develop:
    •  How it should work
    •  What functionalities it should have
    •  Who and for what purpose will use it and, therefore, if different users will have different rights according to your solution
    •  Should it be a Web application or PC software (like MS Word)
    •  What are the characteristics of the system’s operations in your field and what possible   problems may arise
    •  Think about potential problem areas within the program (e.g. if it can be used simultaneously by two people, and what if they are using the same data, what happens with deleted data – do you want to have the possibility to restore them, and what if there are too much data, what history would you eventually like to store etc.)
  2. Try to describe such system as accurately and clearly as possible
  3. Ring up and tell us about the system you want to create, and send its description to
  4. If necessary, we will  arrange a meeting or call conference to make the project more precise
  5. When we have sufficient information resulting from project description and the meeting/additional questions, we estimate the cost of the project
  6. If, however, the information we have is not enough then the first step to further cooperation should be making a detailed requirement specification which becomes a basis for project estimation

The chart below presents Step by Step each activity which need to be taken when planning the creation of a system from scratch, without specification. Please click on the chart and the window with a short description of each step opens.

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