Step by step

I would like to outsource the error correction in already existing system

Setting Fixed Price on correcting errors in an existing system is nearly impossible as it is very difficult to establish in advance how much time detecting an error will take, and error detection is practically tantamount to its correction (90% to 95% of the time is taken up by detection, and only 5% to 10% is needed to correct an error). With project of this kind we suggest cooperation within Time & Materials model.

  1. Think what exactly you want to achieve:
    • What errors in your software need correcting
    • What specialists should work on this project
  2. Describe what you want to do and achieve
  3. Ring 32 23 00 290 or email :
  4. We will arrange a meeting to discuss details of cooperation: how quickly the project must be completed, and consequently how many engineers should work on it simultaneously, how long lasting cooperation you predict and other cooperation details; it all has an influence on the cost of man-hour
  5. Following the discussion we will establish the cost of man-hour within Time & Materials model, and other details like: reporting, storing etc.

The chart below presents Step by Step each activity which need to be taken when planning the error correction in already existing systems. Please click on the chart and the window with a short description of each step opens.

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