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Reference letter for CodeConcept Sp. z o.o.

We have cooperated with CodeConcept firm for quite a long time, during this period they have created a few PC and Web systems for us. Yet, when it comes to our needs concerning programming, they are not limited to producing systems from scratch, we as well seek support to develop the systems(modifications, new functionalities, redevelopment), correct defects in older systems and also we require current assistance connected with the existing systems. CodeConcept meets all these expectations with success.

Our cooperation has been successful from the very beginning. CodeConcept took care of our systems really quickly and confidently and therefore we could avoid defects, delays and interruptions when dealing with our tasks. The Codeconcept staff are reliable, committed and they understand our needs perfectly.

Codeconcept has always customized to our requirements, it quickly reacts to our needs, advises when we need help, supports us and solves problems. What we consider crucial, the firm always meets the established deadlines and its work reflects the highest standards of quality.

I am fully satisfied with our cooperation, thus I strongly recommend other clients seeking IT support the services this firm provides.

If necessary, I will gladly provide references for CodeConcept personally.

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