JPP Group Giżycko

Reference Letter for CodeConcept Sp. z o.o.

For several years CodeConcept has been providing the development services to JPP Group and (…) cooperation is extremely smooth and effective. What is really worth to stress when working with CodeConcept is: delivering solution always on time, the high quality of deliverables and counseling during the whole process of planning and designing the system. A very important skill (…) is the understanding of our company’s business needs and remembering about them on each stage of work, what results in effective design and adjusting the IT solutions to the specific of our business requirements.

Without any hesitation I may recommend the CodeConcept services. Our few-years cooperation involves all steps of product life cycle (…) and I must admit that each phase was carried carefully, the solutions were in high quality and the deadlines always kept. Communication (…) was always trouble-free and efficient, there was always a person on CodeConcept side we can contact to and discuss new requirements, plans, needs or problems to resolve.

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