Energo-Complex sp. z o.o.

Reference letter for CodeConcept Sp. z o.o. 

Utterly convinced and without hesitation I can recommend, on behalf of the whole Energo-Complex firm, CodeConcept as reliable and professional subcontractor of IT services.
We have cooperated with Codeconcept firm for over one and a half year working on the development of our one of the most important systems designed for managing and automatic evaluation of transformers. The cooperation has been highly effective from the beginning. Together we have developed the system and we still improve it, add new functionalities and work on planning new solutions.
Codeconcept deals with all entrusted tasks professionally. The firm is flexible when it comes to our needs, offers its knowledge when we need it and supplies us with high standard solutions. The CodeConcept staff are leading IT specialists, always open and willing to help. What is more, they reliably carry out all their tasks.
We do really appreciate our cooperation with CodeConcept, its professional help, as well as the quality and punctuality of the solutions provided.
I will gladly provide additional information about CodeConcept.

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